1. W

    Gaming Looking For Clan Members (ALPHA’S)

    Yo what’s up people I am hosting a gaming clan on PS4 it’s called ALPHA. My channel name is also ALPHA_Will I am partnered with a friend of mine called lazy and we looking for new people to join the clan. I am the leader and he is the Co-leader we have two members and we basically want to grow a...
  2. Pierre Maynard

    THIS GAME IS AMAZING! | Detroit Become Human - Commentary Gameplay part 2

    hey guys, so i'm just starting out with new livestreams on Detroit Become Human Gameplay! I would love to hear some feedback and stuff? Maybe even a few likes too :)
  3. Tacrob

    Uploading Better Footage After Livestream

    So I do Livestreams everyday and the quality is not always the best because the internet isn't perfect. I've noticed that other streamers, like Markiplier, will stream and the video will have issues, yet when I play the same clips back later it will be perfectly smooth and have no audio issues...
  4. MasterEth

    60 Seconds! LIVESTREAM

  5. TaVRoS Evolve

    Gaming Ps4, long term collaboration

    Hi! My name is Brandon, i have been posting to youtube a little under 3 months now and i am looking for someone to collab with. Im 15 and i would like someone around my age to collab with YOU MUST HAVE A MIC. My sub count is 85 right now and i am looking for someone with atleast 50 so we can...