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  1. A

    Live Video Skins/Custom Templates

    Hey all! Am I going about this all wrong? I have a multi-day conference coming up where I will be streaming live presenters to YouTube. I am searching high and low to find out how to make a pro and custom looking showcase of for this event. I need logos, banners, backgrounds and it would also...
  2. Mark Stise

    Live streams Do they really help?

    Live streams Do they really help? It's a ligament question I have only 850 subscribers so how does doing a livestream benefit me? Does it help me to gain subscribers??? Does it ad in my watch time, and if it does can someone please explain just how that works! What really are the Pros and Cons...
  3. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with OBS - Step-By-Step Tutorial

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with OBS - Step-By-Step Tutorial // Live Stream with OBS Studio is a great cost effective way to make live streaming on YouTube look professional. Many YouTube gamers like like to live stream on youtube with OBS Studio. In this step by step OBS Tutorial I will teach...
  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with Google Hangouts On Air - Step-By-Step Tutorial

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with Google Hangouts On Air // How To Live Stream on YouTube is a question I am asked all the time. The quickest way to live stream on youtube is with YouTube Live Google Hangout on Air. Live stream hangouts use the older YouTube live stream fast service built into...
  5. Jacob Harris

    Gaming Youtube Live streaming and recording group (all ages)

    Hello i'm bomb or dropthebomb i want to create a gaming group or Youtube group to be more precise. i am looking for people who are active looking to record and stream a lot btw i am 14 years old so just so u know plz have a mic plz have discord plz don't be a squeaker plz have a voice i can...
  6. Sethology

    Live Streams or Edited Gameplay

    I have recently started live streaming a lot and have gotton more traffic to my channel but can be longer videos resulting in less people wanting to watch the upload after the stream. What is your opinion on weighing the pros and cons, I would love to hear your opinion.
  7. J

    Live Streaming disabled, No Copyright Strikes, and no Community guideline strikes. Please Help.

    Good morning! My question is, my channels live streaming has been revoked, and I didn't receive any Copyright strikes or Community guideline strikes. I checked my email for an explanation, but no email was sent. The last stream I did was gameplay of Berserk: Band of the Hawk. when the cutscenes...
  8. Sam Lyon

    Do live streams provide any value for a smaller channel?

    I am just wondering if a daily live stream would benefit any algorithm jazz, being that YT loves upload frequency. Or if live streams follow a totally different set of rules. I feel like it's great for audience interaction (depending on the niche) but if it relies on subs, it wouldn't really be...
  9. Raid MusicHD

    Music Looking to colaborate with Artists for 24/7 Live Stream

    Hi there Artists I am looking for songs that good for my 24/7 Live Stream Gaming Music. I accept genres like: ❄️ Chill Trap Bass House ⚡ Electronic Hip Hop If you are interested feel free reply this message or you can send your soundcloud link to my E-mail: Everyone...
  10. Nerds Suitable

    Live stream video output low?

    I just built a new PC was using my laptop to live stream and it worked ok but now that I'm using a much more powerful desktop when I stream YouTube tells me my video output is low and viewers may be experiencing buffer and low quality I have updated the drivers and tested my internet speeds...
  11. KantoGaming

    Live streaming on YouTube

    What are your thoughts about live streaming on YouTube? I've been doing it a lot more lately and I have a set group of about 10 people that always show up and talk and it's really rewarding. I also get about 100 views on each livestream which is better than regular lets play videos I post...
  12. Te-Erika

    LIVE STREAM Help???

    Has anyone ever gotten the YT LIVE STREAM to work? I tried it years ago and couldn't do it. It seem so hard to do. It's not CLICK TO GO LIVE.It's download one of these 12 encoders and see which one works with your computer- good luck cuz we have no clue. Or maybe I am missing something. One...
  13. PunchbowlGaming


    Evening all! Tonight on the community channel is the Clutch Hour and Rick is live streaming Enter The Gungeon! If you have a moment come and join the chat and get involved! We appreciate all support Thanks guys!