little nightmares

  1. pcgamergirl

    HOW TO ESCAPE A PRISON!!! - Little Nightmares [Part 1 - The Prison]

    Hey guys! This is my first post to the forum... so I thought I'd start you out with my latest Lets Play series on Little Nightmares! It was a GREAT game... I believe it's also part of the Steam summer sale, so check it out if you're into it! My full playlist is available on my channel. :) Also...
  2. AMX Gaming

    Hilarious Fails And Running From Creeps | Little Nightmares #8

    Hello and welcome to Little Nightmares #8 in this gameplay we see hilarious fails, AMX tries his best to get around one section but fails so much and is so funny to see how it goes down, once we pass that section is off to the races, we are chased by creeps that want to eat poor Josie. Immerse...
  3. AMX Gaming

    I Wasn't Ready | Little Nightmares #7

    Hello and welcome to Little Nightmares #7 as we do our best to escape from 1 chef now we have to face 2 of em, it won't be easy specially when i wasn't ready for what was ahead. we have exciting moments, scary chases new areas to explore and a whole lot of fun. Immerse yourself in Little...
  4. AMX Gaming

    Scary Dinner With The Creepy Chef | Little Nightmares #6

    Hi guys and welcome to Little Nightmares Part 6, this time we have to deal with the creepy chef, just as we think he is gone, he returns to haunt us. We can't let him have us over for a scary dinner that we do not wanna be part of, it won't be easy getting around him but it will be funny to see...
  5. AMX Gaming

    Fried Josie | Little Nightmares #5

    Hi guys welcome to Little Nightmares #5 this time a new challenge awaits, a chef, not just any chef. He wants blood and to have poor Josie for dinner, we cannot let that happen, he's standing in our way so must do something about this chef that wants to fry Josie. Will we make it out alive or...
  6. AMX Gaming

    No Touchy | Little Nightmares #4

    Hi everybody amx here and welcome to part 4 of little nightmares this time we have to deal with touchy feely again, some fails, funny moments scares intense chases are in this awesome gameplay, watch as we take on this dude and try to avoid those frisky hands of his lol. No Touchy | Little...
  7. AMX Gaming

    Frisky Hands | Little Nightmares #3

    Little Nightmares #3 - welcome everybody this is part 3 where we have to deal with captain frisky hands trying to get freaky with poor little Josie, get ready for some scary chases and trying to be stealthy as we do our best to get around Mr frisky. Frisky Hands | Little Nightmares #3 Immerse...
  8. AMX Gaming

    Little Nightmares | 10th Time Is The Charm (Part 2)

    Little Nightmares - in this little nightmares gameplay we continue with a very cool puzzle that gives me a tough time due to depth perception problems, once we get past that the headaches don't stop as we still need to find our way past a huge eye and also use a mop bucket with supplies to sneak...
  9. AMX Gaming

    Little Nightmares | Skinny Legs Josey (Part 1)

    Little Nightmares | Skinny Legs Josey is the first of many episodes to come of little nightmares a strange but fun adventure, puzzle creepy game with a little bit of horror but much more fun along the way, we begin our weird adventure with a strange dream, what is the mystery behind that dream...
  10. TriStrider97

    LET THE NIGHTMARES BEGIN - Little Nightmares - Part 1

    How's it going everyone TriStrider here bringing you Little Nightmares What I Know About This Game Is That Your're a Little Girl That Is In Some Type Of Huge World Where Monsters Roam i'm Guessing Her Childhood Fears And Your Trying To escape Hope You Enjoy Check out The Channel if You Did...
  11. Akradon360

    Little Nightmares - Full Playthrough

    Hi guys, I'm currently doing a full playthrough of Little Nightmares! My first few videos are up already and will be uploading a new video each day for the next few days! I will update this thread with all the new videos so not to spam the site with several different threads for the same...
  12. Akradon360

    Little Nightmares: Eye Of Doom!

    Been waiting for this game for a long time! Time to jump in!!