life is strange gameplay

  1. Justine

    Life is Strange: Before The Storm Made a Mistake

    So if you haven't seen my other videos of Before The Storm, my biggest complaint has been the voice acting. However, in this part of episode two we got to meet the janitor again and holy cow, they ruined his character. Thanks so much for checking out this thread and my video! If you like the...
  2. Pierre Maynard

    If you love Life is Strange, you will love this!

    So i just recently started uploading videos, of me playing the new Prequel, to the award winning Game which is Life is Strange! :D New one came out, which is a Prequel called Before the Storm. I love it it's different than the original but it's still so good! :D I would really appreciate it...
  3. Justine

    Young Punks! | Life is Strange: Before The Storm #1

    So after running a poll on Twitter I found out that people wanted to see more gameplay on my channel, so why not kick that off with a play through of Life is Strange Before The Storm:happy: I'm breaking down each episode into three parts so this is just the first part of episode 1: Awake...
  4. Pierre Maynard

    FRIENDS FOREVER! | Life is Strange Episode 2 - Part 2

    YES YES YES MORE LIFE IS STRANGE! Hello everyone! I'm back once again after a few months time, with some More Life is strange gameplay! I have just brought the new Life is Strange game - Before the storm for my Birthday which is today. So the next video i upload will be Life is Strange -...
  5. Justine

    Life is Strange Finale

    After putting off editing this because I knew I'd cry again, I did it....and cried again cause this ending killed me:crying: Enjoy my suffering P.S. I really hope they make a season two:twins:
  6. Justine

    Hot For Teacher | Life is Strange Episode 5

    Max has got it bad, so bad, she's hot for teacher... Only in this nightmare sequence though. Tbh, this part should have been named "Justine nearly pukes because of all the bs that's goin down" but apparently that's too long for a video name on Youtube.
  7. Justine

    KISS EVERYONE | Life is Strange Episode 5

    So.....I made max kiss everyone when she had the chance to in Life is Strange and I can honestly say this was the best choice I made in this game. Max is canon bisexual for me and I love it:giggle::happy:
  8. Justine

    Time to be a Hero! | Life is Strange Episode 5

    So despite everything Max has been through, she's still saving people and that's why I love her. Also Nathan's phone call broke my heart and I'm still not over this game and it's been week(s).
  9. Emuhleigh

    Life is Strange Episode 1! First series WITH Face cam!

    Hey guys, I just started a "Life is Strange" series on my channel. This is the first video I've ever done with face cam. Let me know what you think, any and all feedback is welcomed! :D