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  1. OndaWire

    Best usb-c hub for mac, pc and android users

    Follow me on YouTube and Facebook for more crazi-NESS and tech reviews! This USB-C hub works on all Apple, Windows and Android devices that have USB-C! Stop paying for that "upgraded" computer to get extra ports when you can have this for much less money!
  2. Courtney Candice

    Why I hate life hack channels

  3. HyDraid

    5 Reasons To be Addicted To Life Hacks

    Enjoy :')
  4. JonathanHenry

    Vlog I am looking for a person to do a life hacks video.

    Hello everybody I enjoy doing life hacks videos as well as vlogs. For example if I do 10 life hacks you would do five and I would do five. I have around 23 subscribers. If you are interested message me. Thanks Here is a link to my channel:
  5. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    10 DIY Mobile Phone Holder Life Hacks

    Watch these cool diy mobile phone holder life hacks and have fun!
  6. Allison Chambers

    Beauty/Makeup Funny girls struggle collaboration

    Hi girls!! I am looking for someone who wants to do a collab video for next week. My video is going to me a girls struggles skit and if you want to collab you can do your own version or something similar! You can find my channel by searching makeupisahobbie07 in youtube. You can contact me by...