lgbt community

  1. Justine

    OVERWATCH IS GAY (totally not clickbait)

    So, theres a trend on Tumblr, in every fandom but especially in the overwatch fandom, where people hate on heterosexual ships yet worship, and almost fetishize, homosexual ships. Let's talk about some of the arguments against straight ships and why Tumblrs logic of saying "everyone is gay" so...
  2. Dylan the New Republican

    Transgender Restroom RESOLVED!!!

  3. Kyra McKinley

    New Video Ideas

    Hey everyone I was wondering if any of you all had some good video ideas that aren't to hard to from like at home and all. I recently lost my old channel and all and had to start up a new one and my old one included challenges and tags and get to know me stuff and I just want to get back up and...
  4. StephRants

    Vlog LGBT Collabs!

    Hello! I'm rather new to this site but I know that some users on here are part of the LGBT community. I've been looking for some people to make collab videos with centered around LGBT topics. We could discuss important things, make skits, etc. To make it easier, we could draft up a script and...