let's play commentary

  1. Adelle

    Video Review on Yandere Simulator

    So, I've finally made a video that I think may draw in SOME type of crowd. Even if the crowd is small. I'm sure that lots of people have heard of Yandere Simulator? Anyway, I've made a video based on that, and I would really appreciate it if you told me things that I could improve on. Perhaps if...
  2. Ranmaru_Richu

    Let's Play Dark Souls part 15 - Kirk, Knight of Thorns

    We go 1v1 against Kirk, Knight of Thorns and call in some help against the Gaping Dragon! Hope everyone enjoys!
  3. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Oblivion part 85 - Dark Fissure

    Might as well "peak our head in" Dark Fissure cave itself, it won't be too bad, right? Hope everyone enjoys!
  4. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Fallout 3 part 42 - Institute J

    Time to get back on track and meet the scientists of Institute J! Hope everyone enjoys!
  5. Aaron Ceballos

    GAME BREAKING GLITCH // Wind Waker (Chaos Edition)

    Finally had to cheat in this game
  6. Aegislasher

    1v1 Chaos! Mosquito bringing the Pain!!! Pokemon Showdown w/KingGouda #12