1. Gervais Katumba

    Teaching videos, how?

    Hey guys! I have a YouTube Channel and i wanted to start some lessons about drums I'm a full time drummer... what advice can you guys give me, cause i'm also still limited about equipment like cameras and other stuff. I have only my Blackberry Z10, and i really don't know if it could work...
  2. PianoPig

    Hit my first milestone.... 100 subs!!

    So I've been releasing videos teaching piano for around 5 months now and finally hit 100 subs today! So happy! Can anyone tell me if this is about an average time to reach 100 subs, or is it slow/fast? Next milestone is 200 subs :) Thanks!
  3. ProfessionalRik

    [Pro Rik's New Series] GAME SCHOOL (Feedback and Comments Welcome)

    Hello, YTTalk! I'm ProfessionalRik. Now, let's get onto why I'm making this thread. I have this idea, nay a vision! I want gaming to be something that everyone feels they can do without judgement or stigma. I want everyone to find a common ground on the digital plane. I believe there's a...
  4. BrandonJMusic

    Hey guys, I'd love some input from you!

    I'm starting a hybrid original music/lessons channel, and I need some outside eyes to be critical of my stuff. As of now, I only have piano lessons up, but ill eventually branch out to voice, guitar and production... But what I would like to know now is how am I doing so far? What changes can...
  5. PrettyGamer

    An interesting lesson I've got from a 5 year old

    Actually I don't know what criteria to post my new found article. If it's just a gossip or a tip. I have a 5 year old daughter and she loves making videos any time. Every day she'll call me to be her camera man <or camera woman I suppose> whenever she wants to practice her commentating skills...