1. KerrysWorld

    Review of Sigma f 1.4 16mm Lens

    Hey everyone, hope this is the right place to post this! Just uploaded a video reviewing the highly talked about lens (this version is for the Canon M series). We’ve gone over the pros and cons to use it, if anyone’s curious about making this purchase...
  2. Alexander Williams

    Camera and lenses advice! (Please)!

    Hi everyone, hope all is well! I have a few questions! (Apologies)! So I've been doing YouTube a wee while now but had to give it up in June last year and sell all my stuff as well! (Long long story)! But in April this year I will have the opportunity to begin it again! WEHEY! So I want...
  3. M

    Better quality camera?

    Hey all! I'm pretty new to the YouTube community and I've filmed my first video with my iPhone. The quality isn't the greatest obviously but I figured I had to start somewhere (can't really afford a dsl camera or anything too pricey at the moment).. I am definitely looking into purchasing a...