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    What going on guys it's Jordan and I am currently taking a break from outlast and will resume that next week when I am in a more comfortable setup, but until then I have some black ops 4 gameplay that you should go check out. Hope you guys Enjoy!!!
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    First Ever Vlog Of The Channel

    Hey guys, if you have the time go check out our first vlog of the channel. Obviously we are not pros and are primarily a gaming channel but we figured why not record this adventure hope you guys enjoy.
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    New episode of Outlast up now!! Go check it out and leave some feedback!!
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    Go check out my latest video of outlast!!! Also leave some feedback and let me know what you think of the video and the channel :)
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    I Have Never Sweat So Much In My Life

    New episode of outlast out now would appreciate if you go check it out and leave some feedback about what you think about it. I apologize for the mic quality, I did not realize how bad it would be without the pop filter. The audio will be better in the next part :)
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    This game is getting weird??

    Hey guys, just posted another outlast video on the channel. Would love for you guys to go check it out and leave some feedback and sub if you guys like what you see!! :)
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    Duo Gameplay!!

    New Fortnite Duo Gameplay out now, go give it a look!
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    Return To Arkham

    Another episode of Batman Arkham Asylum is up and ready for you guys to enjoy. Please go check it out and come check out our channel and if you like what you see then come subscribe and join us on our adventure...
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    Request New Banner

    Hello everyone, currently we are trying to redesign our YouTube channel banner. We were hoping that we could get some ideas from you guy on how we could switch it up and improve it. I will attach our current banner to this thread just so you guys see kind of the look we are going for. If you...