last man standing

  1. Ninselic

    Gaming Baldur's gate EE, Iron man/Hardcore collab!

    Hi! I like to try an Iron man Baldur's gate run with others! Iron man means that there will be no reloading the game from saves (expect for continuing after a break), so that means that if a character dies, they are gone for ever, hardcore style. If you never played BGEE before, that's no...
  2. STEP77

    Gaming Collaboration on the Last Man Standing (it´s free to play)

    Hey guys!!! I recently found a free to play game called Last Man Standing. You can check the game out in steam, believe me it is amazing :) If you are interested just put your youtube channel´s links in the comment sections and I will say if I want you to join the team. I need 3 guys to enter...
  3. KoziOnPc

    Gaming A Scottish Male/Female needed to make up the GB Quartet

    Hey me and 2 of my other friends which are also Youtuber's Decided to play The Forest.But there is a little twist as we want to get the whole GB Quartet going I'm Irish one of my friends is Welsh and the other is British but all we need is a Scottish person to finish of the Quartet. The GB...