1. K

    Vlog Vlog | Daily Life # 2 preparing homemade Italian meals: fried cutlet with ham and cheese & milk

    Hello guys! :) This video is my 2nd video, containing small traces of my daily life haha. How are you enjoying the winter holidays? I hope you eat a lot of delicious things and have a happy holiday! If you like this type of video please put a like and subscribe to support me! ❤️
  2. Justin In

    See you soon!

    WASSup Guys! A real close friend of mine left the country :( It's a bittersweet moment~! but I hope you guys enjoy the vlog! Feedback would be much appreciated!

    Please watch my K-Beauty Haul video!

    I've entered a contest and it would really help if I got more views and votes! I would also love to get some feedback on your thoughts about my video and hope that if you like Korean cosmetics, that maybe it was helpful to you!!! All it takes to vote for me at StyleKorean is following any of...
  4. maarcnig


    Some of you may have heard of the 2x NUCLEAR FIRE NOODLE CHALLENGE while some of you may be wondering what exactly that is. Well... to simply explain this: they're LIMITED EDITION ramen noodles from Korea that have about 8706 SHU (Scoville Heat Units) spiciness. :hot: People are making videos...
  5. MistyEmma


  6. MistyEmma

    TRYING KOREAN BEAUTY PRODUCTS (Etude House)| YesStyle Haul

    Another haul from asian fashion site YesStyle! This time I try Korean beauty products ^_^.
  7. Danny.K

    I'M BAAACK!!!!!

    Hey guys!, well its been a while but I'm back now!. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at filming "A Day In The Life" :) please check it out and let me know what you think, also please like a subscribe! btw make sure to watch in HD