1. TV Harmonies

    Prince Tribute Review

    Hey everyone! Just wanted some feedback on what you think of our cover/tribute for Prince may he rest in peace. We'd love the advice and thank you all so much ! :)
  2. TV Harmonies

    Tribute to Prince Medley

    Hey everyone so as many of you know the legend Prince has recently passed away and we wanted to share something that would bring the spirits up and pay tribute to a man that is one of a kind and that has changed music forever. I hope you enjoy it and if you do please spread the love so others...
  3. Jay Dilla


    Hey guys! I got my buddies to do a challenge with me and get girls to kiss them! check it out and support if you can! I will certainly return the favor!
  4. Zach S.

    I Make Out with a Dragon...

    There are dragons that are kissing us!!! Today we get to go back to Riverwood to talk to Delphine with Esbern. We then get to go to the Sky Haven temple and find Alduin's wall. Then we have to go back up to the mountains to talk to Angrier and figure out how to defeat Alduin! Twitter ...