1. B

    Gaming Looking for Collabs On PS4 (Fortnite)

    whats you guys looking for some people to collab with on fortnite, also check out my youtube : BillyyA99 and my ps4 id is BillyyA99 leave a reply and let me know cheers
  2. Basic Gamer

    PUBG Highlight reel with Chazza

    Hope you guys enjoy this video, If you do please like and comment down below. And if you enjoy the content check out Chazza's channel as well. So here is the video file
  3. Scandinavian Freckles

    Pilot could have killed everyone !! flight attendant Storytime

    Hi everyone !! Hope you are doing amazing and having a good week. I can't believe we are so close to Christmas !! SO EXCITED !! Since its winter time I was reminded of something that happened to me while I was working as a flight attendant. The truth is there are a lot of pilots out there...
  4. Mattaxol

    THAT SHOT!! | Far Cry 4

    This took 4 hours to edit because I recorded for so long... Gah! Anyways, I really do hope you guys enjoy, I put a load of time into each video I make so it'd mean a lot to see some support. Thank you :))
  5. resvrgm


    As a former film student myself, I understand how crazy film production are. In action film production especially. Sometimes people's lives are not as important as the magic shot that the director wants to get. If you find the time, please watch this video, and let me know what you think...
  6. Bert McCert