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  1. 3kidstv

    Drawing and Colouring Garden Flower Page Video For Kids - Easy Drawing!

    In this video learn how to draw and colour garden flower page, easy drawing tutorial video for kids! Subscribe to 3KidsTV at Follow us:- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram...
  2. Yasas Perera

    Animation Looking for a decent animator to make content for a kids channel with 50k Subs

    I have an old account which doesnt generate much of ad revenue currently yet has a steady subscriber base of 50k+. Looking for a animator who's willing to spare a couple of hours a day to make some decent animations/stop motion and I'm willing to share 50:50 from the ad revenue we are gonna earn...
  3. Derrick Toys

    Best way to save videos?

    We created a new spin off from Derrick Toys called Kids Fun Reviews for both my children. Any advice how to save videos without using so much storage space? We already have a hard drive for Mac but I would like to start using my Laptop :) Also, I'm using Imovie so do you save everything to...
  4. Derrick Toys

    Youtube Kids REMOVE Paid Placements

    Wondering if YouTube removes videos with name brand logo on clothing?
  5. Jack Swish

    Cutting Open Squishy Toys & Stress Balls

    Hey everyone, Let me know what you think, if you want to see more- I upload every Sunday: Thanks, Jack
  6. hcetiny

    Teach your kids the names and sounds of 25 cool vehicles

    We are raising our two children bilingual (German and Turkish). We live in Germany, so I have to spend special effort while teaching them Turkish. To help me with this, I decided to make educational videos. I have finally finished my last educational video after working on it for more than 20...