1. OndaWire

    You Will want this if you use a computer

    This is an exclusive review as no one has reviewed this product yet! This product just released 3 months ago and it's already in the Amazon TOP 5! Follow me here. on Facebook and on YouTube at "OndaWire" for more! This is a serious must watch if you use a computer! #Unfiltered #tech #reviews...
  2. I

    How do type on a keyboard with one hand

  3. D

    YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts seek 2 seconds

    HI, I'm looking to embed youtube videos into my website and have keyboard shortcuts to allow user to navigate the video using keyboard. I know by using the arrow keys one can advance by 5 seconds forwards and back. However, does anyone know if there's a shortcut to advance by 2 second...
  4. TV Harmonies

    Can't Stop The Feeling! Cover from Animations Trolls

    Hey guys would love some feedback on this! Just posted today please let me know any feedback on how to improve it any way ! Thank you all so much