1. Jareditton

    Sonic Dreams Collection Part 3 - Blue Ball of Death

  2. Jareditton

    Mortal Kombat XL Alien Classic Mode + Ending

  3. Jareditton

    Super Mario Maker Part 2 - Jigsaw's Trap House

  4. Jareditton

    Happy Wheels Part 3 - Tis' But a scratch

    I'm holding on my a limb... literally
  5. Jareditton

    Funny 2015 Moments with Jareditton

    Happy New Year everyone, and I hope that you all have a great 2016 year! This is my 2015 remix video, of all the fun and good times, and I hope to talk with you guys and even meet more people and make friends from this site as well
  6. Jareditton

    Turbo Dismount #1 - Sexy Poses, Sexier Stunts

    My First video of the year and first Turbo Dismount Video
  7. Jareditton

    Super Smash Bros 4 Part 2 - That One Girl Villager...

  8. Jareditton

    Smash Bros 4 Part 1 - GET OUTTA HERE!!

    Nothing professional, just jokes and stuff
  9. Jareditton

    Huniepop Part 9 - I Just Had Sex