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  1. TheKirkyLife

    Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 1 - Episode #4

    It's been a little while but it's time to head back into the world of The Walking Dead: Season 1. After the high tensions of Episode #3 it's time to settle down for a bit and get to know everyone a bit better!
  2. TheKirkyLife

    James Kirk Plays Star Wars: Battlefront!

    It's finally here! In the greatest mash-up since chocolate sauce and Christmas Pudding (seriously, try it) comes James T Kirk having is phaser set to stun in Star Wars: Battlefront. Will I end up bringing balance to the force or is my resistance truly futile? Find out below!
  3. TheKirkyLife


    It has been a little while since the 1.08 update but it's finally time for me to have a look at the Mutator Mash-Up playlist in Rocket League! What magical wonders shall we encounter?! Watch to find out!