1. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon GO NEWS!! Next Update To Help Trainers Obtain Evolution Items More Often! HYPE!

    LET'S CRUSH 20 LIKES!!! :D Help us reach 4,000 amazing people in our community by Subscribing today! Be sure to TURN ON Notifications so you will be the 1st to know when I upload next! :D So we have ourselves some more news in regards to Pokemon GO! This involves the details of the next update...
  2. Spaceshipcontrol

    Using branded products

    Hey guys, I have a question. Am i actually allowed to use branded products in my videos? In my videos, sometimes I use food items like cans of sodas or bottles of milk. Those have logos and names of certain brands on it, for example Coca Cola or Monster Energy or EDEKA. Is it okay if I put this...