iron man

  1. Ninselic

    Gaming Baldur's gate EE, Iron man/Hardcore collab!

    Hi! I like to try an Iron man Baldur's gate run with others! Iron man means that there will be no reloading the game from saves (expect for continuing after a break), so that means that if a character dies, they are gone for ever, hardcore style. If you never played BGEE before, that's no...
  2. KevinS14

    My First Nerd Block Unboxing! (Marvel Iron Man Theme)

    Hey guys, I got my first Nerd Block, so along the same vein as my other unboxings, I had to open it up! If you're interested, would love if you checked it out. :D
  3. KaiCreative

    Iron Man special effects video

    So I recently attended comic con and met up with a longstanding friend and cosplayer who has recently put together the most amazing Iron man suit - took six months to build has moving helmet plate, missile arm and jet pack boosters!! All the bells and whistles!! So I asked him if he would be...
  4. WeegieMovies


    Hey guys! Check out my review of Captain AMerica: Civil War. Is this the best Marvel movie to date? I think it might just be! What about you? Are you Team Cap or TeamIronMan?