intro video

  1. BestNerdLife

    Any thoughts on my channel trailer/channel in general?

  2. Megamindez

    Just started YouTube Niki Simply - First 20

    Just did my intro video and got 20 subscribers! I was so nervous and still am not satisfied, but just needed to start now before I procrastinate on it again. My Channel is called "Niki Simply" Would love to hear your feedback! Thanks :)
  3. Teenage Dreamers

    Getting the first video?

    How relieved were you to finally get that first video out for your channel? We finally got our first video up and now I just feel so motivated and ready to grind. Do you feel that way about certain series and big video ideas too?
  4. MechaJake

    Intro or No Intro - Please help me determine!

    Hey Everyone, I know how a lot of you feel about intros. It seems most people agree that you should either not use them, or if you are going to then it should be super quick and well made / unique. I'm hoping mine falls into the latter category since I worked really hard on it and had hoped...
  5. javacentral

    Woohoo new intro!

    So I made a new intro video, since the old one is a bit dated, and think it's quite neat! Let me know what you think and if I need to tweek it any.
  6. Rando

    Just made and uploaded an introduction video.. possibly the worst ever... of all time

    not sure if uploading it to be viewed here is allowed, but I kinda want to get some feedback on it... be warned it is strange, and may miss the mark... but... that kinda sums me up once you get to know me. lol
  7. B

    Request Need a 2D intro

    Need a 2d intro, looking for something of a similar style to Mathias, free if possible and will subscribe to you or feature your channel
  8. Nbbx

    Request [Paid] I need thumbnails, intro video & anime art...

    Hi all! I need a few different thumbnails made. I need one for a crazy craft (minecraft) series, one for a survival games (also minecraft) series & a mini games thumbnail. Something else I'd really like is to have a short intro video made. Another thing I'm interested in is having anime art made...