intro for free

  1. DePhil


    Hey guys, my name is Phil and I'm a YouTuber with 400+ subs. By this post, I'm looking for a person, who can design me a cool and clean intro not a default 3D intro with a black background and a colored font. I want a smooth intro with a white styled background and light colors for the letters...
  2. Tuttiman

    Request Looking for someone who can make a unique channel logo+banner, on sync intro and outro. For free.

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who can make decent channel start up stuff to help me launch my channel. I used to have a channel but it got disabled and I believe i have recovered to a state to bring back youtube. If you are interested and willing to help drop me your skype... thanks it would...
  3. JestemBART


    Hey! I'm looking for someone that can make an intro and some other cool s***e for my vids! I'll upload the done work on my channel and give you as much promo as I can! I would like something in the Lil Uzi Vert style climates so If here's anyone that can make this kind of thing let me know! I...
  4. Benny Hardaway 24

    Request 3D, 4D Or GFX Intro NEEDED !!

    In need of one of the intros I listed above!!! Whatever u need from me I'll do for one.
  5. E

    Request I need a 2D intro [FREE]

    I am looking for someone to make me a 2D intro for free! Please do not use templates. Skype - KookeeMunsterMC
  6. FestusFX

    Services Free Professional 3D intro's

    I'm a 3D intro designer and I make some professional 3D intro's for free :) Later I'm also going to make 2D intro's for free ;p You can check the channel for examples if you like :)
  7. FestusFX

    How to make a Professional 3D intro

    Hey guys, I'm a profesisonal 3D intro designer and because the support is really awesome I though to make a kind of tutorial of how I actually make my intro's :) Is that a good idea ?
  8. FestusFX

    Omg 100+ Subscribers in 2 days

    Thank you guys, I love every subscriber :) I just made my channel 2 days ago and now 2 days later it reached 100+ Subscribers I'm really proud and it was really fast I think. But I also work really hard so I think it's ok Stay Awesome
  9. FestusFX

    Can I make 3D Intro's for others?

    Well, I make some really cool 3D intro's "For Free" I just want to help the community, That's why I make them for free :') So who also want a 3D intro ?
  10. FestusFX

    New "Epic" 3D Intro | Cool Sync & Effects

    Hey guys, I Make "Free"' 3D Intro's for Small/Big YouTube Channel :') Check me here : FestusFX <= It's my YouTube Channel
  11. AXIS

    Request [Free] intro requested.

    hi i need an intro but i can't pay you but i can give you a place in the description if you are interested contact me my email is i would also like to see (if you did) what you have made before thanks :)
  12. MattFPS

    Request [FREE] Graphics/Logo/Intro/Outro (Basically Everything)

    Need an professional intro and outro for my channel if anyone has anytime to make me one I would love it! just message me and we'll talk, thanks for anyone that is willing to do it!! if possible I would like it to be free or YTtalk cash.