1. Javaughn - Ditto

    Services Is anyone interested in voice translating their videos in other languages? $25 amazon gift card for 30 minute call

    My company Ditto helps Youtubers to dub their videos into other languages to grow their views, subscribers, and revenue. We have worked with two large channels to dub their videos into other languages: Billion Surprise Toys (25m subs) and Little Angel (10m subs). We are looking to speak with...
  2. suykensjonathan

    Vlog International collaboration

    International collaboration: for people who are serious about it and want to go for it, more info via pm. Regards
  3. Pixel_James

    Comedy Giant International Collab!

    Hi! Two years ago I released a video of me dancing, without any emotion, to Macintosh Plus - yaknow, that meme. Well, we want to go bigger. And I mean BIGGER! We're making a follow-up to this, where instead of me seated for 6 minutes, I am in various locations around South Australia. But, we...
  4. antonblack

    2017 Review of the Main Events of The Year: It Has Been Quite A Year!

    2017 has been quite a year. From terror attacks to mass protests, these are the biggest news stories, the main events around the World that shaped the year for us all. As the New Year approaches, it seems like every year is dubbed “a year like no other.” But 2017 truly was more dramatic than...
  5. ProfessionalRik

    Increased Popularity Outside Home Region

    I've noticed that I'm more popular in other parts of the world than in the States. Not complaining; just wondering if this is happening to anyone else or if anyone can think of a way I can build on this potential fan-base. Back when I was on twitch regularly, my most active follower was...
  6. Rahi Official

    Reached 2,000 views!!

    Today I reached 2,000 views on one of my experimental project. I was working with different musicians from all around the world and recreating their famous songs in my style. As a result I did my last video and since then views started to go up. So I'm confident to move forward with this...
  7. East To West Vlogs

    Vlog Looking for International Vloggers to collab with

    HEY EVERYBODY So basically I started a new channel for my vlogging (East to West Vlogs) about inspiration and just my daily life really, but I'm open to ideas and thoughts! I really want to make some international connections that would enhance my YouTube experience and change my life, so any...
  8. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Hawaii Adventures!!



    Today I'm dedicating a new thread to a new series that I'm going to be running and uploading weekly, called international seasons! Basically, I'll play online seasons and see how many international teams I can win with, against anyone in the world! Argentina are the first alphabetically, so here...