1. Hashtag10


    Cheers guys. Here are my PC Specs: 8GB of RAM. Intel Core i5-25000K nVidia GT 440 Now, my question is: Will an Elgato capture card work on my PC? Thanks.
  2. Rolz

    Whats the reason behind your Setup components?

    Hi guys! I just dropped my latest video! This video is targeted towards first time PC builders or really anyone looking to get into PC building :) I interviewed my mate about his PC, really getting into the reasons for his component choices - whether it be...
  3. OzTalksHw

    NOW @ 83K SUBS! - High Quality PC Tech Channel (1.5k Subs) - Check me out!

    Hey everyone! I'm a PC tech channel that ranges from gaming builds to informational videos. It's taken me a few months to hit 1.5k subs and I'm hoping I'll grow even faster in the future. Shooting for 5K by summer. Here are some recent videos: Wow. I can't believe it's been almost 9 months...
  4. DefendersOfThePod

    Intel Guide for the Division (Full game not just beta)

    This is a work in progress. The districts we have so far are Chelsea, Penn Plaza, and the Garment District. PlayList: