1. Elissa Jordan

    Vlog Collaboration About Gun Control

    Hey folks! My name is Elissa Jordan and I am a content creator. As you all know, gun violence has become a major topic in regards to education recently and, as people of the Internet, we can band together during these times to really make impacts. My collab is not what you might expect, so keep...
  2. HC.SameerPatil

    Vlog Who are your Vlogging Gurus?

    I was inspired to start documenting and vlogging my life as I become an investor and eventually give back to people in third world countries after watching youtubers such as: Gary Vaynerchuk - Investor and motivational figure (plans on buying the New York Jets) Jon Olsson - Makes beautiful...
  3. Dadrules

    Inspirational Father Quotes

  4. Dadrules

    Typography Rocky Balboa Motivational Speech - Father to son

    Ok guys i have just recently came across typography art on you tube, i know its pretty old but i'm new to it and its a fantastic way to make a video. The key framing for this was hard work so i kept it pretty short for my first ever video regarding this style. My channel is all about fathers and...