indie horror games

  1. C

    Starting off with horror games for October.

    I've been trying kick off the month by playing some horror games that I have. and probably debating what to for halloween as well too. What do y'all do for halloween.
  2. AMX Gaming

    What's In The Coffin? | Husk Gameplay #4

    Hi guys amx here today we continue with husk, we now have a gun and we enter a cemetery where we come across some coffins and tombstones, i wonder what's in the coffin? we also have to travel inside a creepy and scary cave, what evil lurks there? find out in this husk gameplay. Thank You For...
  3. AMX Gaming

    Challenge Accepted | Bendy And The Ink Machine Gameplay

    ok so it wasn't exactly a challenge but i took it as a challenge to play this bendy and the ink machine very interesting game with a 1930s like style cartoon. the idea in this indie horror game is to search for items to start the ink machine once again, we soon realize that there's a deep...
  4. snaredneptune

    I'm new to YouTube, so feedback is important to me.

    As I started down the path, of YouTubing I want my channel and my self to be the best I can be. So feedback is crucial to my success, I want as much feedback as possible to grow and learn. Please be honest with feedback, I'm looking for details on commentary, editing style, and anything that...
  5. Emuhleigh

    The Most Terrifying Game I've Ever Played

    I'm talking about Sophie's Curse. This game is the definition of FEAR and gets more terrifying the more you play it. What is Sophie's Curse you ask? Sophie's Curse is an indie horror game developed and published by TrerPlay. Your job is to look after this old man while he sleeps. The only kind...