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  1. WarriorDan

    Is Turbo Overkill Worth Playing?

    In this newest first impressions video, I critique the upcoming first-person-shooter, more specifically, boomer shooter, by the name of Turbo Overkill. The gameplay featured on-screen was captured in the Turbo Overkill demo made available for a limited time during the recent Steam Next Fest.
  2. WarriorDan

    Is Hell Architect Worth Buying? [Hell Architect review]

    In this newest game review video, I take a look at the Kickstarter-funded indie game "Hell Architect". As ever, if you enjoy the video, giving it a like always helps, and feel free to pop by and say hi in the comments, or chime in however you want there. I respond to almost all comments posted...
  3. WarriorDan

    The Falling Sun [GAME REVIEW]

    I review The Falling Sun, a game so bad that even the developers, 4 years ago, walked away from it and eventually pulled it from the Steam store. As the first game I ever reviewed, at the time on behalf of a gaming news and review site, I thought it'd be fun, all these years later, to update my...
  4. Heizenblog

    Love Feedback on my Gaming Channel Please

    Hi there, I haven't been running my channel for long but would really like to know what people think of the following aspects. 1 - Banner design (too much, not enough etc) 2 - Thumbnail designs 3 - SEO - this is always a biggie 4 - Video content. My channel focuses on Indie Games and Lets...
  5. ProfessionalRik


    @CreativeOven was requesting gamers/youtubers to test his game and post a video, so here we are! It was fun, honestly. Just wish there was more. Subscribe if you liked it!
  6. AdmUp

    I Love the Industry I hate

    Hello! So I'm a Independent Games Developer, YouTuber. I'm part of the games industry in more ways than one and I hate it. But that's one of the reasons I love it... Let me explain..
  7. AMX Gaming

    Welcome To AMX Gaming

    Trailer about my channel enjoy and thank you for watching and the support
  8. The Happy Gamer


    Prison Brawl is cracking me up so much I can hardly breathe!
  9. The Happy Gamer


    The musical concepts of Cadence are blowing me away!
  10. The Happy Gamer

    HARDCORE PARKOUR! | Run Far (Prototype)

    Run Far is a really great parkour experience and I look forward to a full game!
  11. The Happy Gamer

    BEST CHEATER EVER! | High School 101

    What happens when you cheat on a test in high school? NOT THIS!
  12. ugnius

    Solving 3 Puzzles? - Part 2 - Inside - Let's Play Inside

  13. The Happy Gamer

    ONE KING TO RULE THEM ALL | Sort the Court

    One king to fine them. One king to zing them all, and in the court, decline them. Sort the Court! is a game made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare Game Jam.
  14. Indie Connect

    What Makes a Game an Indie Game?

    It seems like such an obvious thing, but what is it that makes one game indie and another not? Learn about where the origin of independent games came from and how we got to this point in gaming. We get to the bottom of it in the first ever Indie Connect Conversation!
  15. Winger94

    Time for some old-fashioned horror with Final Take!

    Hey guys how are you doing? I hope you are ready for a charge of good horror because this game really ticked my fancies! Final Take is an indie horror game where we'll need to explore and record everything in an abandoned hospital! Seems fine to me so let's go!
  16. Winger94

    Time for a serious cleaning up session in Breach & Clean!

    Housework have never been so hard! Breach and Clean really surprised me because, despite being a small indie game, it offers a really fun time! What do you think guys?
  17. Winger94

    Your head will spin all around with SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell!

    For being an indie game still in demo SEUM really got my attention because it's really good! Basically it's a speedrunning game set in hell and we need to complete every level and venturing always deeper, in those hellish layers! Shoot fireballs, teleport, control gravity and much more...
  18. Winger94

    THIRD NIGHT in Dungeon Nightmares 2! Truly a nightmare!

    This game didn't seem so scary at the beginning. The first 2 nights went so nicely and nothing bad actually happened. Now it's different: all those jumpscares are attempting my poor heart, I don't know for how long it will survive. I hope you'll like this video and of course, if you have any...
  19. Winger94

    One of the best horror games I ever played! Time to VANISH!

    This game is actually really well made. It can be a bit old but you know that they say: old but gold! VANISH is one of those horror games that will always make you shivering, no matter if you already played it or not! This is the second time I played it and I'm aiming to the victory this time! I...
  20. Winger94

    I love playing those small indie horror games!

    Time to jump into a new game! This is the time for Six Flags! A particular note about this game is the colors: everything is in black & white and I think that those 2 colors make everything scarier! I hope you will like it and feel free to share your opinions with me (that would be awesome!).
  21. Chaz

    OUTLAST 2? (A Hat In Time Part 3)

    What does every platformer need? A scary level of course and as everyone knows I am the hugest baby even if something isn't even remotely close to being scary. Give this video a watch and go and Support A Hat In Time. Thanks!
  22. BIGtheRED

    CONFIDENCE CREW! - A Channel for Gaming and Shenanigans

    (CAUTION: Explicit language in some videos.) _______________________ WHO WE ARE: Confidence Crew is a collaboration of five guys who love gaming, and acting like idiots! BIGtheRED Ebah SunchipSwag Nina ImBest ______________________ WHAT WE DO: We do a combination of game play footage, funny...
  23. Jenni Nexus

    Voice Acting Deep Female VA available for collaborations :-)

    Hi friends. I've been building my skills & wearing many hats, especially in the last few years. While I'm a beginner in many areas, I've had a handful of opportunities to voice act in animations & indie games last year, and I'm open to contributing to various projects sometimes, and getting...
  24. ProjectJamesify

    BEST SUPERCAR IN BERLIN 1982! (Berlin '82 Funny Moments)

    Berlin '82 is a hilarious, new indie game! Here are my funny moments! Please leave constructive feedback below! Thank you :) -James
  25. GSquadron

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with Youtubers for online/PC indie games!

    Hi everyone! I am an indie game developer and I want to provide games I have been working on to your channels so you can talk and review them. You will get these benefits for reviewing the games: 1 - Free games! 2 - Unique / Exclusive games never released before in the whole world! Whoever...
  26. JacobofArabia


    All I can say it's either parenting done right.... or wrong Enjoy!
  27. T

    Gaming Minecraft/Youtube/Indie Games

    Hello everyone! I'm a 12 year old gamer and I am looking for someone to collab with to make a series or just one video. My requirements are: No swearing while recording, Must be mature, Not a lot of Background noise, and finally Must be a decent commentator. If your interested my email is...
  28. Cruzio Caesar

    From Rage games to Survival Horror, new videos out most days! Check it out pilgrims.

    Whats up, my name is CruzioCaesar, fairly new to the whole let's play, but am bringing out content as regularly as possible. I mainly play either indie or horror games (whatever shows up as interesting on my steam really), and am currently enjoying playthroughs of both Super Meat Boy and The...
  29. Harpuia

    Indieviews #1: The Cat's Pajamas Interactive (Fisticuffs)

    David from Ace of Hearts Gaming interviews The Cat's Pajamas Interactive's CEO Andrew Rorer and GFX designer Jessica Garrity about their ground-breaking upcoming game Fisticuffs!
  30. Jawad Soomro

    Hungry Arcade Machine

    So the arcade machine is a monster and he has to collect the coins and eat the humans as much as he can. There is no limit. I hope you guys will enjoy it.