1. R

    Animation Animator for manga

    So I need someone who can draw well enough for my manga we could work together to make the manga so I need someone to draw for me and if you have any ideas you can tell me if you are interested comment on yttalk or my youtube channel called rubiex12
  2. GooberVlogs

    First 24hrs are the most important

    So I'm not sure where I read this but I was reading something about youtube views and came arcoss somthing that said when you first upload the first 24hrs are the most important because it's new and you should get more views or something along the lines of that... What do you guys think of...
  3. AuthorFilms Studios

    I discovered something important...

    I was looking at my Analytics page and I looked at the Playback Locations > Embedded In External Websites page. Someone embedded my video in some crazy spammy site.I contacted the sites owner where they removed the video from the site. Your account can get suspended for having videos on these...
  4. Moses Minchuk

    What is essential for your channel and how?

    I have started my channel and now have 2 videos uploaded but I want to learn what is important for my channel and how?
  5. Cody Daniel

    Update with an important message

    I'm going to be posting more videos since I've gotten out of my funk and I wanted to tell what I'm going to be doing. I also wanted to add in a quick message about why I do youtube and why it's important to me. ANd I owe it all to Markiplier!