1. I

    Request New Channel Icon

    If someone would be willing to do a drippy eyes cartoon icon for me that I could use for YouTube and my other social media, I would be very appreciative! Ideally this would be free if possible, but can offer up to $6 YTtalk cash because that’s all I’ve got. I can give a tutorial for what I’m...
  2. GaysProductions

    Services FREE Graphics&Animations+

    Free graphics & animations (I haven't been doing this for long and certainly not the best but if you're looking for logos, banners and animations for free then shoot a email) -logos -Icons (All social media options) -Banners (All social media options) -Intro card -Outro card -Intro animation...
  3. TheRichPlaysG

    Services I can do thumbnails for youtube , banners , icons for youtube channel and more

    Hey there! if you are looking for someone to do channel art for youtube you have come to the right place. If you are wondering what can I do I can make banners channel icons thumbnails but no intros or outros. The price for my art is not free. To purchase my art you will need paypal. The price...
  4. VolcanoTheDragon

    Services General art

    Sorry, this was originally made for tumblr, so that explains everything Paypal only please, picture references are better than written but written is still acceptable All art will come with a signature. I will make it as small as I can whilst still being visible, sorry but this is to try and...
  5. TheHappyEmoBunny

    Services Simple Chibi Icons! [Closed]

    I like to design YouTube icons from time to time. Normally chibi or portraits. Please note these are not free they cost $15 (depending on the complexity) each. My form of payment is Paypal. (Humans and furries are acceptable) I have 5 slots It includes: 5000x5000 pixel at a 800 resolution image...