i need help

  1. Chicken Tendies

    A problem I have been having

    So I have been doing Youtube for over a year now and I only have 54 subs. I have advertised myself all over the place; YTtalk, Facebook, Reddit, instagram and Discord servers and nobody is subscribing. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have been reviewed on this cite multiple times and the...
  2. OfficialAuxiliary

    Are my videos confusing and non-funny?

    I try to do my best at being both professional and funny which I hope makes the video more entertaining and easy to watch. What do you guys think, any improvements? Any feedback helps!
  3. Ruben & Natividad

    Request Looking for someone to design an intro for my vlog channel! ($50)

    I am currently looking for someone to design an intro for my vlogging channel and I am willing to pay $50 paypal, Western Union, or I'll send it to your account from my bank account! First I would like you to take a look at my channel, and it is called Ruben & Natividad. Look at the two recent...
  4. SeanFace101

    What is the White Fungus Stuff Growing in Water of my Fish Tank?

    Weird White Fungus-Like Stuff Growing In My Aquarium. :eeks:
  5. Onister Gaming

    I Need Your Help!

    Plz watch all of it i really do need help