1. Harmonic Music

    Music Any Musicians/Producers Want Promotion?

    Hey! On Our channel, we upload one song every day for promotion of relatively unknown Music producers. We mostly upload House & Edm, such as Deep House, Tropical House, Progressive House, Electro House and Melodic House, but all genres are welcome (If it sounds good, it will be accepted). If...
  2. WeAreTheLemonHouse

    Feedback - Music Youtube Channel

    Hi guys! I just started with a new Youtube channel: The Lemon House, I upload free house, beats and lounge music. Link: Let me know what you think about my channel?
  3. AuthorFilms Studios

    Epic Youtube Intro

    I think I did pretty well on this one. Does anyone have any feedback on how to make it even better?
  4. Jawad Soomro


    Beware of the duchess throwing the bowls from her house. When we enter her house, go downstairs and collect pepper for her, then go to the right and exit the door. Then we have to jump accurately because the ground has forks on it. We have to climb the mountain as well as move down, we will meet...