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  1. Kuudere Ghost

    Gaming Looking for others to collab with (Resident Evil 6)

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate and play Resident evil 6 together for a couple videos!
  2. Raven

    Just Hit 10K Views.

    Greetings ghost and ghouls. My channel Gothictech just hit 10K view and it feels amazing. really appreatare every view and sub, and comment. AM not after numbers but damn It feels good :)
  3. PhoenixAnimus

    What the **** is that? | Cry of fear

    So yeah I came across this...thing, that is like a floating woman which then has a baby pop out and it has knives and it's just like...wtf is going on anymore in this game I'm so confused! Oh and I did some random octodad but you can find that on the channel but you're here for horror aren't...