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  1. Occasional Vlog

    Disney's Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Midway Mania, Occasional Vlog #33

    Continuing our first day at Disney's Hollywood Studios, we venture into Pixar Place and take a spin around Andy's bedroom in Toy Story Midway Mania, a favorite ride last time we were at Walt Disney World, and it proved to be as popular with Albert and Dorothy on their first experience of the...
  2. Occasional Vlog

    Disney's Hollywood Studios, Citizens of Hollywood Occasional Vlog #32

    A new day at Walt Disney World and it's time to visit Disney's Hollywood Studios. One of the truly amazing things about Disney is the effort that the organization goes to, to entertain the crowds, and on our way to get a bite to eat before the first of our fast passes and we wandered into a...
  3. Occasional Vlog

    unboxing we've got ears. occasional vlog #22

    If you are going to Disney there's one thing you've got to get, and that's an impressive pair of ears. Probably the most unique ones you are likely to find are those handmade by We've Got Ears.