1. K

    Reached 3000 views - hobbyartycrafty

    Hello Friends , Happy to share reached 3000 overall views on my channel hobbyartycrafty.
  2. Violet

    Looking for YouTubers who does Educational Videos/Tutorials

    Hi, I'm Violet Yap from Singapore. I would like to collaborate with YouTubers who does any form of Educational Videos & Tutorials to allow me to place their YouTube links for free on my Online Tutorial Platform. It's a Singapore startup but I'm opening up to Global Educators. I would most...
  3. O

    How to find your niche?

    Hey Guys So I have been doing youtube on and off for the last 2-3 years of hobbies and stuff that I like how ever my intentions was to build up a serious business and I felt like no matter what I did I would also run into a wall trying stopping me from doing progress. I started a channel...
  4. R

    Any youtuber that do more then two type of contexts on there channel.

    Is there any youtuber that do gaming and that is also a musician on youtube. I might do both of does because I like to do those two things.
  5. gerard loughran

    Is Youtube Work or Fun?

    Did anyone start there YouTube channel hoping to grow it into a career or full time work? Or was it just for a hobbie and some fun? What was your main reasons for starting a channel? I started mine because I am a bit of clown anysay lol and I had to stop playing sports and didn't have much...