1. Xaegoba

    Gaming Official Ps4 collab Setup

    What's good? I'm Xaegoba (Xae for short) and I'm a very small YT'r and I've just started uploading last week. I have 4 quality videos out right now and upload 3 times a week (every week). I play almost any game. It is important that you go to my channel to understand the stuff I post before you...
  2. JuS Savage


    Hi everyone, my name is justin, but you could call me JuS Savage. I'm here to provide you with gaming music. You provide the gameplay, I provide the music and we give each other shout outs and collab long term if possible. I rap so if you like rap then hmu.
  3. Lowki

    Gaming Looking for people to game with!

    Hey guys! My name is lowki and i am a new youtuber and I am looking for a cool group of people to play PC games with such ad overwatch, bf4, counterstrike, and anything else that seems fun :) add me on steam: lLowki/lowki (im not sure which one really works)
  4. YungShawarma

    Gaming Black ops 3 zombies or multiplayer collab or just friends ??

    Just looking for some people to play black op3 with on xbox one. You can be 2 years old or 90 i dont really care as long as we have some fun. I have 96 subs and i make some funny videos on my channel (imo) but yeah, hit me up on here or on my youtube if you would like to be apart or if you just...