1. C

    I'd love to hear some advice for my new yt channel

    Hi there! I've recently decided to start making yt gaming videos. I've always loved playing games and thought that it would be awesome to be able to share that experience with others. It is also really satisfying for me to learn and improve on audio and video editing. I'd really love to hear...
  2. MrYorkiesWorld

    Hitman (PC) Walkthrough | Paris - The Showstopper | Silent Assassin

    Hey guys! So we're back again with some more Hitman just before Christmas! This time, we're back to the start of the game in the Paris mission - The Showstopper. I love the graphics on this level, and as a hardcore Hitman fan, I am amazed by how many ways there are to eliminate your targets...
  3. The Happy Gamer

    WORLD'S WORST ASSASSIN | Cheatin' Hitman

    I'd rather not kill, so I'll take a pic instead!