hitfilm 4 express

  1. B

    I need editing/recording advice

    Hi, im new here and i need help. I just made my first video(i have 2 subscribers) after a long time of editing, but i still think it does not look great editing wise (and maybe the raw footage too) I edit in Hitfil4Express and record in Shadowplay. The video is a cs:go gaming montage, clips...
  2. Lizzeelive

    Is Hitfilm 4 express good for gaming?

    I have been using Lightworks, but it has been being glitchy lately. I want to get a new software, but don't want to put alot of money into it.I make gaming videos and I really want to get better at editing, I really only have the basics down. Do you think Hitfilm 4 Express is good for me?