1. Mkiss63142

    Deserve | Hip Hop Instrumentals Rain Mix 2019 | Music

  2. D-Red Beatz Games

    100 Sub Marker For Beat Channel

    Man was it tough though! Switched my page from a gaming channel to just beats after I learned new techniques to making my music better and decided to go all out on uploading beats to my page weekly for 4 months straight i believe...idk lol time flies! but i hope that if i keep this up i will be...
  3. bboytlil

    Studio Session Vol. 34 - Flare Airflare To 1990 & (KYS) Windmill Flare (COMBOS) | bboytlil

    HEY all you awesome people out there, so this is my bboy weekly progression.This week in Studio Session Vol. 34 you'll be seeing my Flare Airflare To 1990 & (KYS) Windmill to Flare combos! I was always inspired by Bboy The End and watching him do his Windmill to Flare is just simply amazing...
  4. KozeOfficial

    Music Hey! I'm a rapper, looking for other rappers and singers

    I'd like to get more features going, I've focused on singles for a while and want to expand and work with artists I haven't yet. hit me up, let's connect, let's work, let's talk. Check out my channel if you'd like, and if you like what you hear, let's do it!
  5. sincere tk

    Music Looking 2 Do Side By Side Video Covers With Aspiring Singers

    Hey I Rap and Songwrite I Love to Do Freestyle over the Latest Beats and Tracks Looking For Some Ppl to Collab On Weekly Covers With In Side By Side Videos?