1. J

    Question marks instead of video thumbnails?? I NEED HELP

    soo my youtube works fine... I can watch any video, search up videos and all that good stuff. my only problem is that some of the videos have question marks for the thumbnails rather than the actual thumbnail it SHOULD have. I'm using a macbook right now. can anybody help me solve my problem...
  2. M

    Gaming ETS2 PARTNER +60 SUBS

    Hello everybody I am Maurice I am Dutch but i speak english in my video's I am searching for a Euro truck Simulator 2 Partner with above 60 subs and you need a TruckersMp account and the age from my partner must be 12 - 17 years old you can contact me on skype: Maurice23042002 my channel is...
  3. Saleem Fihosy

    Request Does anyone know how to make a cartoon animation intro

    If you know how to make a cartoon animation intro please hit me up