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  1. Laitz

    L2Devil.ws - METALSTEP

  2. Udyatbhanu Baliyarsingh

    Music Bass player here, looking for musicians to collab with

    Hello, I'm into a lot of heavy metal and I play the bass guitar, do check out my youtube channel for some bass covers of Iron Maiden and the likes. I started it last year, I'd love to collab with a band or make a youtube band for starters with the sole purpose of having fun and hopefully turn it...
  3. C

    Music Collabs Needed for MUSIC REVIEW (not strictly albums or new releases) CHANNEL

    Hello! On my channel I talk about music (usually heavy metal related- but I also do some indie rock, shoegaze type of stuff- NOT POP MUSIC) from the point of view of actual album reviews, analysis of genres, lists of whatever albums or songs, etc. I tend to lean on more towards heavy metal and...