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  1. The Happy Gamer

    PHILIP DEFRANCO | Responding to Comments #2

    I can't stop moving my hands! Thank you for all your wonderful comments!
  2. The Happy Gamer

    TODAY IS MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! | This Day In History

    Today, August 1st, 2017, is my 30th birthday! I thought it would be cool to get on Google and look at what happened on this day in history!
  3. The Happy Gamer

    Happy Gives Himself Hair

    I didn't have hair. Now I do.
  4. The Happy Gamer

    THE HAPPIEST GAME EVER! | Yoshi's Story

    Yoshi's Story on the N64 was quite possibly the happiest game ever made!
  5. The Happy Gamer

    DOMESTIC ABUSE | Gang Beasts

    Gang Beasts is leading my wife and I toward some wild domestic abuse situations!
  6. The Happy Gamer

    I Recently Hit 8,000 Subs!

    I started uploading gaming videos regularly in August of 2015 and have now hit 8,000 subs! It's all due to the much-needed support of viewers who have constantly showered me with encouraging and motivational words! We're on our way to our goal of 10,000 subs by June 2016!