1. Kenz0

    Gaming Looking For Halo MCC Collab and Minecraft

    Hey Everyone I'm looking for some people to do some Collab's with on games like Halo MCC & Minecraft (MAINLY LIKING FOR HALO COLLABS for some fun custom games i would like to have a group of 5 to do this with) (I do play other games but i would like to make Collab's on those games first) Please...
  2. MrJude12

    Gaming Looking to collab with people

    Hey I am looking to collab with almost anyone who likes to upload videos, I play on Ps4 and xbox one mostly, working on getting a pc I can game better on sub count doesnt matter to me! Ps4 games: Rainbow Six Siege Destiny 2 Dying Light Rocket League Last of us Gta Black ops 3 Xbox one Games...
  3. MrJude12

    Gaming Looking to collaborate sub count doesnt matter

    I currently have 61 Subscribers and I am looking to collab with people. Need to have a good sense of humour and can take a joke. Preferably 18+ Ps4 Games I mostly play: Rainbow Six Siege rocket league destiny 2 black ops 3 Battlefield 1 UFC 2 *MORE IN FUTURE* Xbox one: Halo masterchief...
  4. Crucity

    Gaming Xbox or Pc

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you wanted to colab on Xbox preferably but Pc too! Games- Xbox: Halo Gta CoD Smite Pc: Csgo Gmod LoL etc Let me know on here or my twitter @Crucitygaming
  5. TheGamersFormula

    !!!Halo Music Video - Nothing New!!!

    Check out my newest music video!
  6. bcmisfit

    Gaming Looking for people to collaberate with on Xbox One (16+ only)

    Hey guys I'm looking for some chill people to livestream and record with. I started uploading videos to my new channel in the middle of the summer and have 3 subscribers, its not much, but its a start. I record and stream games like Overwatch, Minecraft, The Telltale series of games, Halo, and...
  7. bcmisfit

    Gaming collaborate, discuss, have fun, Xbox one. 16+

    Hi guys I wanted to post this to find people that would like to make some fun and entertaining videos. I have started my channel about 2 months ago and hope to grow my content even better. Im looking for people that are 16 years old and older, sorry kidos. I would like to play. Minecraft...
  8. S.A.D

    Halo Wars 2 Beta Review

    I figured I would talk about the Beta and just give my two cents of what i like and hated about it. Nothing special but go ahead if your interested
  9. M

    Gaming Halo 5, 1v1

    Hello, I would like to have a 1v1 collab with someone. There aren't really any requirements except for a shoutout. I would just lika a good old 1v1 without any talking or any kind of communication. My channel currently has 37 subs
  10. vspecialistv

    "THE COMEBACK!!!" Halo 5 Grifball Multiplayer Gameplay - Xbox One

    Hi guys, today's video is Halo 5 Grifball Multiplayer Gameplay. In this gameplay my team and I had a crazy comeback, its a must see. Thank you for watching and have a great day :) Soma Part #18: Halo 5 Multiplayer Playlist: Follow me at: Twitter: https://twitter.com/vSPECIALISTv Instagram...
  11. The D85

    Want to learn how to become a Pro Gamer?

    If so, check out the video below. Apply these tips and you will be on your way to becoming a Pro Gamer.
  12. Crooked T

    Learning Spanish & Sniping | Halo Mcc

    Hey guys i hope you liked this video im such a div, please let me know what you thought and stay tuned for more :D
  13. TierOneProductions

    Gaming Xbox One Halo Machinima actors needed!

    Hey all, Tier One Productions is a Machinima production company with one mission: revive the Machinima community. With the glory days of Machinima behind us, we find it imperative to bring it back into the YouTube community every way we can and we will not stop until this has been...
  14. Crooked T

    Halo Reach Around On Xbox One

    Hey guys let me know what you thought of this video thanks so much for watching :D
  15. vspecialistv

    "Dam.. My Teammate is SOO BAD!!" Halo 5 Doubles Multiplayer Gameplay - Xbox one

  16. Maxemole

    Halo 5 Warzone Assault Gameplay!

    Newest episode! Let me know what you think!
  17. Maxemole

    Channel Review?

    Hey guys, just checking in here wondering if I could get a channel review? Thanks! :D
  18. Maxemole

    Halo 5 Warzone Gamplay!

    My newest Halo 5 video! Check it out! Let me know what you think!
  19. Tarinitup

    Gaming Looking for Xbox One/PC YouTubers

    Me and a buddy of mine have been wanting to do YouTube for awhile (who doesn't?) and have always come up with the same problem; we need more people! We're looking for people who want to grow as a group and like to have fun once in a while. Sort of like a Vanoss group in the sense that hopefully...
  20. GamingwithNick

    Halo 5 Free For All Gameplay Tips

  21. KiddoWave

    Gaming Anyone got Halo 5???

    Anybody want to collab with me on a music video using Halo 5 gameplay ! I want the gameplay to go along with my song, I currently don't have Halo 5 so I want to do a collaboration!