1. Bgirl Sonia

    Beauty/Makeup Over the see collab ?

    Hello I am quite new on YT and just heard about collabs I have few subscribers on my channel and would like to meet other beauty YouTubers I am French so there's few chances we could meet in person but I own and english channel so I am interested in collabs if you are interested, let me know...
  2. nyah sky

    3 hairstyles using a bandana

    Make simple hairstyles looks cooler with a bandana.
  3. xingcat

    Men's Long Hair: Month 23 Growth Update

    What's more exciting than watching hair grow? NOTHING! (Well, okay...almost anything.) I've almost hit the 2-year mark of no haircuts, and it's because of something other than laziness...vanity! Or something! Okay, here's the video:
  4. Chic LadyT

    Beauty/Makeup Looking to Collaborate on Hair, Health, Recipes, and/or Remedies Videos

    Hi, We are a new YouTube channel looking to do collaborations with others in the topics of hair and health. We are especially looking for hairstyle tutorials. You can find our channel on youtube by searching Chic LadyT. We cover topics on health, hair tutorials, self care education, recipes...
  5. joeline

    My 1st attempt at a short gel style

    Hey everyone, Im super new to the yt beauty community and i have not attempted this style in years, how do you think i did, any tips? Thanks for your feed back in advance. x