1. I

    Hacked & Suspended account

    Hi, i got some big problem that happened to me 27.7.2021 my account was hacked and i got suspension that was for spam of content that have probably links on sites with harmful content. But someone hacked to my account and uploaded these videos on my Music youtube Chanel when i found out i...
  2. W

    My account was terminated without warning

    So, I tried logging into my youtube earlier and I couldn't find my channel. I checked my email and i got an email saying "your channel has been suspended for Spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content" no idea why.. I've never received a strike on that channel and now my channel has been...
  3. AuthorFilms Studios

    YouTube has been hacked!

    The YouTube Creator Academy scheduled a livestream with some Arabic name. It's linked to some dodgy website that says It's something about improving your gaming channel or some fake garbage like that and doing talks in middle-eastern countries. The official YouTube's Twitter page was also hacked...
  4. Aaron Ceballos

    GAME BREAKING GLITCH // Wind Waker (Chaos Edition)

    Finally had to cheat in this game
  5. GooberVlogs

    Youtubers Getting Hacked

    So I'm subscribed to a channel called leafyishere and his channel has been hacked??? every title says hacked by poodlecorp.. This person keeps hacking big youtubers.... how do people get away with this.. how do they even hack... you think there would be some kind of protection.. unless they...
  6. Aaron Ceballos

    THE HOMELESS ARE ANNOYING // Zelda: Wind Waker (Chaos Edition)

    This is the greatest hack i have ever played
  7. Aaron Ceballos


    This game makes me laugh every time i play it
  8. Aaron Ceballos

    THE EPIC QUEST BEGINS // Zelda: Wind Waker (Chaos Edition)

    I had way too much fun recording this game :)