1. Darren Taylor

    Who's your favourite "YouTube Guru"?

    I'm interested to know who your favourite YouTube guru's are that helps you grow your channel? I also hope to potentially learn about new guru's I have never heard of! I'll start with my favourites... Tim Schmoyer Roberto Blake Derral Eves Benji/Sean (Video Influencers) Who are your favourites?
  2. HC.SameerPatil

    Vlog Who are your Vlogging Gurus?

    I was inspired to start documenting and vlogging my life as I become an investor and eventually give back to people in third world countries after watching youtubers such as: Gary Vaynerchuk - Investor and motivational figure (plans on buying the New York Jets) Jon Olsson - Makes beautiful...

    Please watch my K-Beauty Haul video!

    I've entered a contest and it would really help if I got more views and votes! I would also love to get some feedback on your thoughts about my video and hope that if you like Korean cosmetics, that maybe it was helpful to you!!! All it takes to vote for me at StyleKorean is following any of...
  4. Shani Kendrick

    who want to collab ?

    Hi my name is Shani a.k.a Beauty from BeautyS im new to this and im looking for people to collab with. i make beauty videos like makeup hair and fashion but i want to do more so if you're want to do a collab pleas email me at with ideas or write me on here
  5. Tomba


    NEW VIDEO This is the sixth episode in my Sony Vegas Tutorial series! I hope you'll enjoy and learn something new, if you have any questions let me know here on YTtalk or in the comment section on my video. "Remember that video quality is a first step to becoming big on YouTube so why not let...
  6. Tomba

    Have a question about editing in Sony Vegas? Q&A [GURU]

    Hey! It's been really fun on this forum for the little while I've been here, people are being active like no other! So I decided to help each and everyone that have a question about my favorite video editing software. SONY VEGAS "The number one step to becoming a better YouTuber is making the...
  7. Rose Emoji

    Beauty/Makeup Collab?

    Hai, I do makeup and beauty but wanna expand so I'm looking for someone to collab with. Message me if you want to with some ideas xo Rose xo