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  1. wildvideo4

    Gaming Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4

    Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4
  2. DukWin

    Grand Theft Auto V - Cinematic Music Video 'Greyhound' (Thread Closed)

    This is a video that I have been working on hard for over a month. It is reupload of the original which had 260 views and was published on September 24th but was removed for no reason by YouTube. Please help me restore this video back by sharing and liking it. This timelapse cinematic captures...
  3. Mupsin

    GTA 5 Lowrider DLC (Buccaneer Custom Build) Your Thoughts :)

    Hello you awesome people, So for those of you who play GTA 5 you will know about the lowrider DLC that came out a few days ago but the bad thing is its only for next gen so I wanted to make a video so that people with old gen can still see what the DLC had to offer, I would love to hear your...