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  1. VRONA

    How Can I Fix Appalling Growth Rate | Honest Feedback Needed

    My channel has been going through huge growing pains since it started 4 years ago. It started off ok, yet things went stale quickly. I only reach 100 subscribers after 3 years, and even though I am now just 1 off 200, the general viewing of my videos has been going down. In my first year I made...
  2. VRONA

    At What Point Did Your Channel "Take Off"?

    By "take off" I mean the point in which you start getting regular and consistent growth, good views, and an active comment section. I want to see how long it took other people to get there, to try and compare to how my channel is doing. What's the point of me asking? Because I haven't yet. I've...
  3. Tomba


    Read below for extra trick! Hey YTtalk! Sorry for the delay on this new Sony Vegas Tutorial, my cold was really bad in the morning and got better towards the evening. I hope you enjoyed this small but definitely awesome transition that a lot of YouTubers add to their videos. It will make your...