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    Channel Demonetized Will I Still Get Adsense

    Hello Everyone! I hope you can help me with this issue. I am new to youtube. For my first month I had been seeing my revenue from Feb 1- Feb 28 on youtube analytics but I had seen no daily updates etc on google adsense I did pass my threshold early in the month. On March 4 I got...
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    making videos using images from the internet with my voiceover

    Hello all ♥ I need your help to find out more details about creating a YouTube channel I am a beginner and I want to create a channel. I like to speak in the classical language, so I thought of creating a channel based on displaying successive pictures from the Internet while I make a voiceover...
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    Negative Adsence Balance! What Is Going On?

    My current balance last month was 9.74$ today, in the beginning of august a fellow youtuber had one of his video go viral and this resulted in one of my videos (which have the same topic) to appear as recommended on the side bar of his video. i gained 30k views and earned around 37$ from august...