good content

  1. MCFChronicles


    Hi everyone, I am somewhat new to youtube, and would love it if everyone checked out my latest video. I also love feedback. Thanks!
  2. AM2PM

    Good Content versus Good looks

    I've been on YouTube for 10 years. I've had several channels and a bit of success. I know life isn't fair, but it does get frustrating when you come up with ideas and put a lot f hard work into making something new and interesting and you get a few views. Then you see a young attractive girl/guy...
  3. JayManOurMusicBox

    Thought it'd be easier if I created good content(music)..but it isn't enough.

    Before starting YouTube, I thought if I work hard on creating good music content, it would be easy to share it. What more when my music is free. In doing prior research, I have been seeing many people asking where to get free music they can use for YT. I have even seen channels posting 'other'...