goal seeking

  1. Michael Masters

    Conquering Your Corner (of YouTube)

    Your parents said you could be anything you wanted. Astronaut? Sure! NFL Quarterback? Go for it! President of this great land? Why not? The sky was always the limit. And there we were, peering way up. Somewhere along my own recent journey, the lofty places didn’t look so attractive anymore...
  2. Diversified Unison

    Goals for 2018 (thread locked)

    Hey everyone... Sooooo 2018 is almost here... Any special plan for your channel? What milestone you want to reach this new year? Share with us!! :D For me, 2017 goal was to reach 200 subs but I only reached 120. I guess better than nothing haha..Me and my team will continue working hard and we...
  3. Rolz

    100 people crazy enough to sub to me XD

    I just recently reached my short-term goal of 100 subscribers! A big thank you to all of those that helped me along the way and gave me a chance, I couldn't have done this without you :D It may seem menial to some but to me it signals the start of something greater to come! I treasure each and...
  4. PlayThis!

    First month 20 subscribers!

    Our first month and we got 20 subscribers! Its a good start and at least were a quarter of the way to our goal of 100 subscribers! Happy holidays everyone!
  5. Anass Ayad Khalil

    Vlog New Collaboration For Any Genre (Almost)

    Hey guys! I recently started a youtube channel based around my blog (I Will Win Now), which reflected around my personal life, and how I am striving to achieve my goals, whilst helping other along the way. I'm looking for anybody willing to collaborate with me, I must admit I have a very small...